About us

Hello, and welcome to Ergo Guides!

Ergo Guides is a new publishing venture by British Expat Ltd, the company behind britishexpat.com – the definitive online resource for Brits living abroad!

What are Ergo Guides? They’re a series of informative, insightful, friendly and above all helpful eBooks on a range of themes. Unlike traditional guidebooks, they give a personal view of their subject and one that you won’t get from the “same old, same old” approach of, say, a Lonely Planet or a For Dummies book. Instead, you’ll get the direct benefit of first-hand experience. Just like preparing for a holiday and asking for advice from a friend who knows your chosen destination very well!

We published our first eBook through Kindle on 24 August 2012, and there’ll be more to come very shortly. Watch this space!