The Buyer’s Quest: A guide to buying websites

Out now!

The Buyer's Quest: A guide to buying websites by Kay McMahonPresented as a quest, this comprehensive guide to buying websites leads the reader through a series of challenges on the journey to claim the prize—to successfully buy a website without losing an arm and a leg on the way.

The book goes step­-by­-step through the whole process of buying a website: deciding whether a website is needed in the first place and, if so, whether to buy or build from scratch; considering what the website is intended to achieve, and what sort of website is best suited to achieving it; examining where to look, what to look for, and what dangers to look out for along the way; establishing the value of the website; subjecting it to close scrutiny; negotiating and completing the deal.

As you progress through the book, you’ll read about:

Part I: Accepting the challenge
(Chapters 1-3)
  • The business purposes of a website
  • Assessing your own strengths
  • Matching the website to the individual
  • Respective merits of buying and building from scratch
  • The nature of the marketplace
  • Typical seller promises and the vested interests behind them
  • Business risk
  • Building a website ‘empire’
  • The pros and cons of niche-based website portfolios
  • Partnerships and their pros and cons
Part II: Targeting your quest
(Chapters 4-7)
  • Characteristically poor buys
  • Untrustworthy seller behaviour
  • ‘Sanity checks’ to identify unfeasible claims
  • Different types of website and their various benefits
  • The four ages of a website and when best to buy
  • Where to find websites for sale
  • How to approach a seller direct
  • What a broker can and cannot do for you
  • Marketplaces and the benefits and problems of using them
  • Website ‘flipping’ and why it’s no longer an easy earner
  • Flippa, the ‘#1 website marketplace’
  • ‘Made for Flippa’ websites and their flaws
Part III: Claiming the prize(Chapters 8-11)
  • Basics of website valuation
  • The difference between revenue, profit and Owner’s Benefit
  • The drawbacks of confrontational negotiation
    The ‘win-win’ model and its refinements
  • Increasing the size of the pie
  • The principles behind due diligence
  • Conducting proper due diligence
  • Common sources of misinformation
  • Drawing up a secure sales agreement
  • Managing the transaction: the exchange of funds and assets

The Buyer’s Quest shows you how to tackle as much as possible on your own, so that you can save money on professional fees by only getting professional help when necessary, rather than being hand­held and spoon­fed by an expensive nanny every step of the way.