The Buyer’s Quest: A guide to buying websites

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The Buyer's Quest: A guide to buying websites by Kay McMahonPresented as a quest, this comprehensive guide to buying websites leads the reader through a series of challenges on the journey to claim the prize—to successfully buy a website without losing an arm and a leg on the way.

The book goes step­-by­-step through the whole process of buying a website: deciding whether a website is needed in the first place and, if so, whether to buy or build from scratch; considering what the website is intended to achieve, and what sort of website is best suited to achieving it; examining where to look, what to look for, and what dangers to look out for along the way; establishing the value of the website; subjecting it to close scrutiny; negotiating and completing the deal.
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Selling Digital Products the Simple Way

A guide to digital goods services

by Kay McMahon
First Edition: published 17 April 2014

If you’re a creative kind of person and would like to sell your creations online, very likely the first question you’ll ask is: How do I do it?

The problem for many creative types is that they don’t have the time, technical skills or inclination to build themselves a website of any kind – let alone an eCommerce website, which is a notoriously complicated process. They could pay someone to create and maintain a website for them, but that can be expensive. Or they could sign up with a marketplace like Amazon, and end up having to hand over at least 30% of the sales proceeds.

All the creator really wants to do is give people a simple “Buy this” link where they can hand over the readies and download the creation. Simple and straightforward for all concerned.

Fortunately, a third option has arisen in recent years that allows creators of digital products to do exactly that. The providers of this third option are known as digital goods services, and they’re the subject of Kay McMahon’s report, Selling Digital Products the Simple Way.
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Facts Lab Book of Greece – Relaunch promo!

The Facts Lab Book of Greece by Theodore Koukouvitisby Theodore Koukouvitis

The first of our trivia books, It’s all Greek to them! 101 amazing facts about Greece and the Greeks, has been relaunched to bring it into line with our others in the Facts Lab series.

Predictably enough, it’s now called The Facts Lab Book of Greece, and has a shiny new cover modelled on the other books in the series, The Facts Lab Book of Brazil and The Facts Lab Book of Insects. It’s unchanged in other respects.

To celebrate the relaunch, we’re giving it away free for two days! You can get it at the Kindle Store for nothing from 0700 GMT on Friday 14 March*. But make sure you don’t delay, because the offer closes again 48 hours later, at 0700 GMT on Sunday 16 March*!
*Because of delays in the Amazon system, the promotion may begin and end anything up to two hours after the time stated.

The Facts Lab Book of Insects: 101 amazing facts about our six-legged chums

The Facts Lab Book of Insects by Kay McMahon & David McMahonby Kay McMahon & David McMahon

Insects, eh? Love them or loathe them, there’s no ignoring them.

There’s a lot more to insects than people think. Yes, they can be pests. It’s not pleasant to find yourself plagued by wasps and ants the moment you settle down to a picnic, and it can be downright horrible to turn on the kitchen light in the middle of the night and see a cockroach scuttling for cover.

On the other hand, there’s more about a honey bee’s buzzing from flower to flower than the pleasantly soporific hum, or the mere mechanical production of honey. (Mmm, tasty insect vomit.) Did you know that if it weren’t for honey bees and other pollinating insects, the world would be suffering a severe shortage of fruit and veg?
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January sales!

We’re putting our business eBooks on a special free promotion for two days only.

The sale starts at 0800 GMT on Friday 27 December (nominally – depending on Amazon’s internal workings, the actual start may be anything up to two hours after that time) and ends 48 hours later, ie 0800 GMT on Sunday 29 December or up to two hours afterwards. Get them while they’re free!

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WWWordsmith coverWWWordsmith: Forging a living from online writing…dp/B00ANM5AU0/

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