Facts Lab Book of Greece – Relaunch promo!

The Facts Lab Book of Greece by Theodore Koukouvitisby Theodore Koukouvitis

The first of our trivia books, It’s all Greek to them! 101 amazing facts about Greece and the Greeks, has been relaunched to bring it into line with our others in the Facts Lab series.

Predictably enough, it’s now called The Facts Lab Book of Greece, and has a shiny new cover modelled on the other books in the series, The Facts Lab Book of Brazil and The Facts Lab Book of Insects. It’s unchanged in other respects.

To celebrate the relaunch, we’re giving it away free for two days! You can get it at the Kindle Store for nothing from 0700 GMT on Friday 14 March*. But make sure you don’t delay, because the offer closes again 48 hours later, at 0700 GMT on Sunday 16 March*!
*Because of delays in the Amazon system, the promotion may begin and end anything up to two hours after the time stated.

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